Copyright is all around us - the web, films, music, adverts, entertainment, learning resources, books, games, news, branded goods - it's just about everywhere!

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About the 'Copy Rights and Wrongs' project including the NEN View of Copyright. Acknowledgements and feedback links HERE... Please note, these resources are for general guidance only and are not, and are not intended to be, legal advice.

Begin module: IPR and Copyright

IPR and Copyright

The background and framework of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR or IP) and 'copyright' in the UK.
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Begin module: Licences


Licences: the different types of licence; open licences; the main blanket licences used in UK schools.
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Begin module: Schools and Copyright

Schools and Copyright

How ‘copyright’ applies to learning - teachers and pupils - and to schools. A favourite place to start.
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Begin module: Good Practice

Good Practice

Case studies, curriculum, training, resources and guidance on managing ‘copyright’ in schools.
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News and updates

  • 12 Jan 12
    Major Changes to Copyright On the Way!

    Major Changes to Copyright On the Way!

    DECEMBER 2012. The Government has announced major changes in Copyright to make it fitter for…

  • 11 Jan 12
    Code and Copyright

    Code and Copyright

    Michael Gove and Computer Code. Latest new article is about 'Computer Code and Intellectual Property'.…

  • 14 Mar 11
    Copyright Infringement

    Copyright Infringement

    "Three strikes and you are out!"  so-called proposals for Copyright Infringement - part of the Digital…

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A nice little case study about how Wikipedia deals with copyright - and they do take a lot of care! ... Wikipedia and the Public Domain ... how they use Creative Commons ... What does it all mean for use in schools?  ... Read More ...